Automate your LinkedIn giveaways

Easily manage 100’s of requests and help your posts go viral.

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Effortless Requests Management

Help more people hear about your offer. Easily respond to new requests.

Boost your reach

Requestors are sent your content automatically once they re-share your LinkedIn post.

Collect donations

Give requestors an opportunity to say thank you by making a donation to a charity of your choice.

Save time

Get hours of your life back: request handling is fully-automated.

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Here's how it works

3 simple steps

Step 1: Publish an awesome LinkedIn post

Tell the world about your free content-giveaway, then watch as the requests come flooding in.

Phone Mail

Step 2: Send a link

When people request your content, simply send them a link to your customised SpreadTheWord form.

Easily collect email addresses

Emails are captured in the form. No more copying/pasting from Linkedin comments.

Help people re-share your post on LinkedIn

Increase the reach & impact of your giveaway.

Collect donations

People appreciate your giveaway. Give them the opportunity to say thank you by making a donation to a charity of your choice.

Step 3: Review new requests

Verify new requests and send content automatically.


Track all pending requests in one place.

Requests are handled automatically

SpreadTheWord verifies your post was re-shared and, only then, sends your content to the requestor.

Track Impact

Monitor the momentum and reach of your giveaways in one place.

User Profiles

Simple pricing.

Try it for free. Pay when it works.

Yearly (25% discount)


Perfect for your first content-giveaway.

  • Customise your request form
  • Approve up to 100 requests per month
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Crafted for solopreneurs and the influencers of tomorrow.

£19/ mo
£171/ yr
  • Up to 3 unique campaigns
  • Approve up to 500 requests per month
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A powerful plan to manage all your content-giveaways.

£99/ mo
£890/ yr
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Approve up to 10,000 requests per month
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Why I Made This Tool

Managing 100's of requests for your free content sucks. It doesn't have to.

Toby Willcocks


When I offered to share my law school application on LinkedIn, I was inundated with requests. It took hours every day to respond and I hated disappointing people when I missed their message, so I built SpreadTheWord.

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